India Security Conclave

THEME - Chief Security Officer and Security Managers Summit

"Corporate Security in the Era of Global Security"

India Security Conclave

THEME - Chief Security Officer and Security Managers Summit

"Corporate Security in the Era of Global Security"

Le Meridien, New Delhi

25 November 2016


25+ Speakers

Sponsors 2016

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About Event

In the wake of 26/ 11 attack in year 2008, many companies reviewed their security operations. The actions of that day made clear that security was not merely a matter of protecting employees and facilities from physical harm but a terrorist attack as such on a major business district could disrupt operations, inhibit travel, snarl supply chains, and pose major strategic issues for the conduct and even the survival of a multinational business. Corporations and businesses have learned since the 26/11 attack, that robust security practices are particularly important for their well-being.

"Despite raised expectations and heightened visibility, corporate India is undergoing an evolution rather than a revolution in the management of security concerns”

About Organizer

Organized byccsre_logo

Co Organized by  crux_logo

CRUX CENTRE FOR SECURITY RESEARCH AND EVENTS (CCSRE) is a non- profit, non-partisan charitable organisation. The objective of CCSRE is as follows-

  • To Create Group of non-partisan peoples dedicated to the study and identify challenges and threats likely to affect internal security and critical infrastructure security of India.
  • To create a safe place for community and law enforcement agencies to openly discuss barriers that prevent us from building a positive relationship that will lead to healthier community-police relations.
  • To change public perception and build positive and progressive image of the police amongst people.
  • To create awareness among the common citizens about the various government, police and private sector initiatives which are meant for the betterment of common citizen’s security and safety.
  • To collate, interpret, analyze and generate opinion on issues related to cyber/information security, corporate security and physical security.
  • To bring insights on the latest issues and trends in cyber security, and food for thoughts on how to mitigate the risk of cyber attack. Also to bring together cyber security experts and industry leaders from law enforcement agencies, public and private sectors around the world to share their best practices in addressing the emerging challenges of cyber security.
  • To provide neutral platform to technology providers to showcase their products and services through our events for smart policing, physical security, critical infrastructure, IoT, Cyber Security, etc.

Speakers 2016


  • Chief Security Officer
  • Heads of Security
  • Head of Corporate Security
  • Head - Administration
  • Head - Facility Management
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • Chief of Physical Security
  • Head - IT
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Architects
  • CEO / Director/ Business Development/ Marketing and Sales from Electronic Security Channel partners - Distributors/ Importers/ Installers
  • System Integrators
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Architects
  • Large scale end-users of electronic security and surveillance systems – Private Sector and Public Sector
  • System Integrators
  • IP Network Engineers
  • Channel Partners - Importers, Distributors, Dealers, Installers
  • End-to-end Security solutions and service providers

Why to Sponsor ?

Benefits of Sponsorship through various Opportunities-

  1. Exclusive Presentation Slot:
      Sponsors will get 15minutes presentation slot in a session of their choice, addressing the full audience.
  2. Keynote Panel Moderator:
      Sponsor will engage the audience through thoughtful questions and challenging opinions as the moderator of a panel session. This positions the Sponsor to have the ear of top practitioner leaders, voicing their concerns and ideas, as well as present their organization as a thought leader on stage in front of the full audience.
  3. Keynote Panel Discussion:
      A 45 minute open and engaging panel discussion alongside other key industry leaders addressing the full audience of attendees. Panel will be moderated by event chairperson or requested end-user attendee.
  4. Exclusive Workshop:
      Sponsor will lead an interactive, 45minute session to a select group of delegates (up to 15) from the Exchange in a private conference room. Designed around a topic selected by sponsor, which lends itself to the current challenges our delegates are facing and the services that sponsor offers.
  5. One On One Business Meetings:
      When you register as a sponsor, you will be asked to identify the clients that you would like to meet, so we can match your company with the executives who will fit your business goals.

Prior to the exchange, you will be able to assess the attendees and select the ones who match your initiatives and priorities. These private 15 to 20minutes one-on-one meetings give you the opportunity to offer objective, flexible, and relevant strategies for continued success.

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